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First Week with the New Book

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

By Bob Deakin

First week with the release of Unruly Mix and I’ve learned a lot.

No matter how many times a book is edited and proofread, mistakes still get through. Reading the paperback, I immediately noticed I failed to italicize a phrase in one story and in another I mistakenly referred to a female character as “him.” I was pretty torqued off but figured I better just take care of it so I made the corrections and re-submitted the manuscript to the various outlets for eBook and paperback once again.

It’s a time-consuming process but better than leaving it wrong. There is a possibility it will happen again so at least I know the process now. Marketing Unruly Mix is now the challenge.

My style isn’t for everyone. I lean on cultural references, particularly music, and not everyone spends as much time reading album liner notes and musician bios as I do. I never underestimate the reader, so it’s on them to figure some things out for themselves.

I’ve gotten great reactions to the cover thanks to Walter’s painting. It is a great work. It is fun to look at and one friend even told me he likes the cover so much he doesn’t even want to read the book. That’s fine. I’m here to entertain.

It's been a fun process so far but now the real work starts in marketing and promotion. Writing the book was easy, now it’s time to change gears.

First week with the new book and every day is a new experience.



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