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John Coutinho

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Walter H. Von Egidy

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     Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting. I’m a real, human writer who lives in Florida. I recently added the term “Organic Writer” while writing a series of stories about Generative AI content. Although I write from the heart, I'm also well-versed in writing with the bots.


Is anyone searching for an “Organic Writer?” I don’t think so, but I might as well distinguish myself from the bots while I’m at it. Although I have plenty of experience using AI-generated tools, I’ve never published anything but my own, human-generated content.


I wrote a book two years ago titled Unruly Mix: Tales of Music, Artists, Posers and Misfits, therefore I’m an author. Yes, I know the title is long. I have to go back and look at it every time to make sure I have it right.


I’m working on the follow-up to Unruly Mix, and it gets progressively less unruly as I go, with most of the same characters. I also write full-time at a “real job” where I focus on technology and all sorts of other things that make sense of corporate America.


You can see sample chapters of the book on the Book page and all of my stories/blogs on the Blog page. Happy reading and think positive!

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