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John Coutinho

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Walter H. Von Egidy

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     Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting. I’m a real, human writer who lives in Florida. I recently added the term “Organic Writer” to my resume while writing a series of stories about Generative AI content. Although I write from the heart, I've also written with the bots for a couple of years.


Is anyone searching for an “Organic Writer?” I don’t think so, but I might as well distinguish myself from the bots while I’m at it. Although I have plenty of experience using AI-generated tools, I’ve never published anything but my own, human-generated content.


I wrote a book two years ago titled Unruly Mix: Tales of Music, Artists, Posers and Misfits, therefore I’m an author. Yes, I know the title is long. I have to go back and look at it every time to make sure I have it right.


I’m working on the follow-up to Unruly Mix, and it gets progressively less unruly as I go, with most of the same characters. I also write full-time, making sense of technology to those outside the technology field.


You can see sample chapters of the book on the Book page and all of my stories/blogs on the Blog page. Happy reading and think positive!

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