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What Does Your Company Do?

Through researching tech companies specializing in data science and services, I’m intrigued by those who work low-profile to create ‘magic’ for high-profile clients. I’m impressed with the talents I see during visits to so many sites, yet I often ask the same question: “What does your company do?”

Data-driven organizations can apply their services anywhere, so posting a simple menu of products isn’t how it usually goes. However, I need some idea of what they serve or if they even open for business.

Dance Like No One's Watching

Dance Like No One’s Watching

I recently experimented with ten differently worded Google searches for data science services and sifted through dozens of results. The ten below appear frequently or rank among the top in various categories. Their abilities and resumes are nothing short of spectacular.

Indeed, they can build your brand, give you “Power for Change,” give you the courage to “Dare to Dream,” and help you “Make Your World Your Own.” One came right out and answered what they do: “Secure data management and portable cloud-native data analytics delivered in an open, hybrid data platform.”

Let me get another coffee and I’ll be back to you about that one. I need a few minutes to dance like no one’s watching. Then I’ll text you like no one’s reading.

I feel their pain. I've written lots of web content and it's challenging coming up with one phrase based on the input of ten people.

A Website Is Worth a Thousand Words, Sessions, Views, and Unique Visitors

A Website Is Worth a Thousand Words, Sessions, Views, and Unique Visitors

There’s nothing wrong with having too much information to divulge in a few words. Unfortunately, most visitors aren’t going to stay for a chat - human or robotic. Name recognition and word of mouth always reign supreme, but with sophisticated technology, the website provides an ideal stage to show off.

Of the dozens of sites I’ve taken the time to scroll through in recent weeks, I’ve been impressed with the methods to catch my attention. I liken it to walking a convention. It's an enlightening day with all the colors, wizardry, and verbosity, yet the most simply sincere presentations leave indelible images.

What Does Your Company Do

Does Anyone Work There?

Corporate sites that show their team on their sites receive positive feedback, particularly from prospective teammates and recruiters. Photos of humans - even from Shutterstock - add a layer of comfort to the visitor. Even though their services enable companies to replace humans, it’s nice to know that smiling living beings made it happen.

There are so many talented technical experts, from data scientists and engineers to designers, developers, and creatives, to those who lead them. Unfortunately, many of their technical and people skills vanish behind the cryptic facade of a website that’s everything to everyone.

I’ll continue to search tech companies that push the envelope for the betterment of their clients and end users. Especially those that do it behind the scenes. It’s not easy to explain your organization’s purpose in a key phrase.

Meanwhile, If your visitors know what you do and what they need, a conversation may be around the corner, even with some guy writing a story about data science.


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