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Getting Better All The Time

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

By Bob Deakin

It’s over but it has just begun. I speak of 2022. I was going to say I can’t believe I got through it but that wouldn’t make any sense. I worked hard to get through it, and it was worth the effort.

I didn’t catch Covid but everyone else in the household did. I’m vaxed like they are but just lucky. Life in virus times is a new world. I could go on but who wants to read more about Covid.

It’s been a great year. I published my first book, Unruly Mix: Tales of Music, Artists, Posers and Misfits, even though no one gets it. I’m not always sure I do either but it’s the first of three, and I intend to shape it into a more cohesive unruly mix as I go.

I have marketed through Amazon and now launching into Facebook. In a short span of time this autumn I helped three other first-time authors on their books, which has given me more exposure to a network of friends.

I’m working on volume II, which is a more rapid process than the first, which took a couple of years. I also started a regular writing job not long after the release so suddenly I’m writing more than I ever have in my life.

With every story I write I’ve got two more in my head, three to write for work and four more invites to either ghost write or edit, none of which I have time for. I’m also running 20 miles a week, exercising and meditating, all so I can write more. My eyes aren’t getting better, but my two computer monitors are.

I’m trying to defy the aging process too but that’s another topic I don’t have time to write about. It makes me feel old.

It’s funny the things that happen once you release a book. Mine is humor/satire, with stories I made up using thinly veiled versions of people I know. Therefore, some think it’s them in the story and others have no idea a character is based on them. A couple, such as songwriter/actor Paul Williams, play themselves in the book and I sent them copies to review beforehand.

I’m still not sure Paul cares but he did at least read the story he’s in and told me he enjoyed it. It was worth writing the book just for that. Plus, I got to meet his former songwriting partner, Ken Ascher, three weeks ago in New York.

I’ve also made friends with other authors and people in the publishing industry. I’ve never met any of them thanks to Covid and because most live thousands of miles away from me. But I plan to. I’ve got their email addresses, and what says devoted friend more than that?

Last and most important, I got to spend time talking about my ridiculous book with family and friends. I never asked any of them if they read it because I’m sure they didn’t. Who cares?

It was fun and I’m going to do it again God willing. Thank you for reading all year long. I look forward to the new year and stressing over the next volume.


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