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Ski Dreams

When was the last time I planted my face in snow? I think it was backstage at a Grateful Dead show in the early 90s. Oh wait, it was skiing at Okemo in Vermont in the early 2000s.

For some reason, this year, I want to ski again. It’s been a long time, but I’m ready. I was always pretty good but not technically sound. I never knew what I was doing other than going as fast as possible.

I skied the black diamond trails, but it wasn't pretty. I get bored clicking my skis together and keeping a line through the moguls. It’s complex and requires patient concentration. The moves through a steep mogul field are fun, but they take practice.

I want speed and scenery when I have one day on the slopes like I usually do. The run down the mountain is always over too fast, and the lift ride back up too slow. I want immediate thrills all day long.

Weather changes on a mountain are spectacular, and it gives you an up-close look at weather as you’ve never seen it. It changes with altitude, and altitude changes fast in Vermont. When a day on the mountain ends, you know you went somewhere like never before.

I have relatives in Utah who recently invited me for a visit. How do I do this? Buy a flight and do it. Lots of stuff to get fitted for at the mountain - boots, skis, poles, and helmet. I’ve never worn a helmet while skiing, but I will next time I go. I should have worn one all the times I skied before.

Thank goodness for youth and ignorance.

I’ll be more patient this time, but I’m unsure how much. Now I have a helmet, so no reason to slow down. Am I going to approach those black diamond moguls with patience or haste? I don’t always do the wrong thing, so there’s a chance.

I feel like I’m leaning against a ski pole getting ready for the ride back up. I can see it. The snow is nice. It’s cloudy down at the lodge, but it might be sunny at the top.

My cousins live near Powder Mountain in Utah, which summits at 9,500 with a lift-served vertical of 2,200’. Maybe they’re more relaxed in Utah, and it will rub off on me to slow down and enjoy the bumps of the mountain. We’ll see.

I have a helmet so let me take a few bomber runs down Powder Mountain first. Let me get back to you.



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