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Illustrations by John Coutinho

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

By Bob Deakin

John Coutinho might as well be one of the characters he draws. I think he is, depending the character and the time of day.

He's been drawing since he was born and mastered caricatures of family, friends and celebrities by the time he was 12. He has the unique ability to capture the mood and personality of characters in one frame with no caption. If he does add a few words, even better.

He possesses a professionally warped sense of humor worthy of his own book of creations. He's drawn everything from Edward G. Robinson and Reggie Jackson to New York Rangers hockey players and Coronavirus masks. Working his way through college, he caused controversy at whatever job he had by creating and publicly posting depictions of gossip and policy changes in the workplace, whether it involved a dishwasher or the owner of the company.

It's not that he doesn't realize he's poking fun at people, he just doesn't believe it.



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